Mike Tyson KOs Sterling Benjamin This Day November 1, 1985

Mike Tyson KOs Sterling Benjamin This Day November 1, 1985

Iron Mike scores 1st round KO





 Mike Tyson 221 lbs

Sterling Benjamin 227 lbs

TKO at 0:54 in round 1 of 8

Location: Latham Coliseum, Latham, New York, USA

Referee: Sid Rubenstein




Mike Tyson 10-0 (10 KOs) vs. Sterling Benjamin

Just three days after the fight, Tyson’s trainer, mentor, and father figure Cus D’Amato died of pneumonia.

Benjamin was coming off a 7th Round knockout loss to Tyrell Biggs (4-0) two months prior.

Tyson was one week removed from knocking out Robert Colay‎ in 37 seconds.


Bout Summary

Benjamin circled the ring and pumped out a rangy jab. A left hand put Benjamin down 24 seconds into the fight. Benjamin got to his feet at the count of eight. Tyson came forward and threw a barrage as Benjamin was backed against the ropes. A couple of right hooks to the body capped with a left hook to the body sent Benjamin down for the second time. Without completing the count, the referee waved an end to the bout.



“I was a little leery. I knew I was in there with a good fighter that went the distance with some good fighters and I was planning on just putting the pressure on him from the beginning to the end. I planned on coming out with a jab because I watched him in the de Wit fight and he was countering with the right hand good. Coming out in the first round, I got grazed with a right hand and from then on I knew just to slip my head and keep coming forward.” – Mike Tyson in the post-fight interview

“He has a sledgehammer, mon. When I go down I feel it. He really hits hard. It’s the hardest I ever been hit. The hardest of my whole career, man.” – Sterling Benjamin in the post-fight interview

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