Julio Cesar Chavez Picks Mayweather to Win

Julio Cesar Chavez Picks Mayweather to Win

Mike Tyson and Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. are excited to see the top two fighters in the world collide, and both boxing legends are expecting a close showdown between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

By Paul John Rivera 

Chavez said the upcoming super fight, which is expected to become the richest bout in boxing history, is too close to call. The Mexican boxing legend hinted that he wants Pacquiao to win, but he thinks Mayweather will keep his unbeaten record unless Pacquiao gets his vaunted killer instinct back.

Julio Cesar Chavez Picks Mayweather to Win

“My heart says Pacquiao, but if I had to bet, I would bet on Floyd Mayweather,” Chavez told ESPN Latino via Boxing Buzz. “Pacquiao is so hungry, so eager to beat Mayweather. I see this as a tough fight for Floyd. If Manny comes out with the aggression, with the killer instinct that we’re all used to seeing him with, then he has a shot.”

Tyson said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that Mayweather will face the biggest test of his illustrious career in his upcoming fight against Pacquiao on May 2 at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

The former world heavyweight champion pointed out that Mayweather proved before that he can withstand big shots, but Tyson said Pacquiao is different from the unbeaten champion’s previous opponent. He said the Filipino boxing icon throws power shots in succession, which he said will be enough to hit and hurt Mayweather on May 2.

“He has never really been tested,” Tyson said of Mayweather, who holds a perfect 47-0 record with 26 knockouts. “Whatever happens in this fight, I really think that Floyd is going to be hit and hurt more than he has ever been before. We’re going to see how tough he is.”

Julio Cesar Chavez Picks Mayweather to Win

Tyson considers Mayweather a slight favorite. And if Pacquiao wants to turn the table around and hand the Grand Rapids native the first defeat of his career, Tyson said the former pound-for-pound king should put a lot of pressure on Mayweather for the entire fight.

“You need to put constant pressure on Floyd,” Tyson said. “Be in front of him all the time, but moving side to side and punching from angles. Manny is going to feint Floyd out of position a lot and make him throw more punches than he is used to, and that will open Floyd up.”


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