How About LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan?

How about LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan? Compiles List of Dream Matchups in Almost Every Sport

Roger Federer vs. Pete Sampras

Mike Tyson vs. Muhammad Ali

Barry Sanders vs. Dick Butkus

Randy Johnson vs. Babe Ruth

LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan

Deion Sanders vs. Calvin Johnson

The debate over who would win in a game of one-on-one between Michael Jordan and LeBron James in their prime is so divisive it could split this country in two. There is no correct answer and it will never happen, but that doesn’t stop people from talking about it. Even Michael Jordan himself weighed in recently, saying there was no way he’d lose to the King. It’s part of what’s fun about sports, imagining the greats from one era taking on legends from another and trying to predict the outcome.

But the MJ-LBJ matchup has been run into the ground. So that got us thinking: What other epic fantasy one-on-one match ups can be debated? Who are the two players from other major sports that we would pay any amount of money to see go to head to head? We think we came up with some good ones.

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