Funniest and Weirdest

Amy Schumer Fight Night Commercial – Funny !

  Amy Schumer Fight Night Commercial – Funny !      
Posted On 22 Nov 2016

Funniest Boxing Entrance and Exit

Fighter KO’s himself leaving the ring

Ali Imitation is Funny – One of the Best

Heavyweight contender Jerry Quarry is brilliant Jerry Quarry at ringside for Galindez vs Kates...

Muhammad Ali – Crazy – Funny with Foreman and Frazier

Muhammad Ali puts on a one man show at the Jerry Quarry vs Ernie Shavers fight at the Garden.

Crazy Scene – Boxing Riot in English Fight

A Riot Breaks Out in Boxing Match between Heavyweights Brian London and Dick Richardson August...

Boxer Drops Cell Phone During Fight

Who knew that boxing trunks had pockets?  

Muhammad Ali is KOd by a Kid

Here’s why Muhammad Ali is one of the most beloved athletes of all time. While in serious...

Muhammad Ali Teases Howard Cosell – No surprise

Muhammad Ali and famous sportscaster Howard Cosell made a unique combination. Ali many times...

Jerry Quarry and Mac Foster Mug Referee at Madison Square Garden

Jerry Quarry met Mac Foster in a ten round heavyweight bout at Madison Square Garden. Jerry won...

The referee is KO’d – wild action – Hans Stretz vs Peter Muller

In one of the weirdest fights ever – Muller KOS the referee – 1952-06-07 : Peter Mueller...