Catskill Gym 1985 – Cus and Mike Tyson

Catskill Gym 1985 – Cus and Mike Tyson3

It was in Catskill I met and began to work with the legendary Cus D’amato. He took me under his wing and adopted me after my mother died. Cus taught and trained me over the next few years, especially in the “peek-a-boo” style of boxing, where the hands are placed in front of the boxers face for more protection. Cus also focused on head movement which gave me a huge advantage over all my opponents on the way the heavyweight championship sixteen months after Cus’ death.

It all began with Bobby Stewart, a former Golden Gloves Champion. I approached Bobby while he working as a counselor at the Tryon School for Boys. I knew of Stewart’s former boxing glory and specifically asked to speak with Stewart who immediately took on a gruff attitude of the subject after witnessing my terrible behavior in his first days at the school. When I was 12, Bobby Stewart took me to meet Cus. Stewart was clear on the fact that he had taught me all he could about boxing technique & skill at that point. Cus died before I became the youngest world heavyweight titleholder in history at the age of 20 years 4 months.

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