Boxing Film Star Kirk Douglas Turns 100

Kirk Douglas Turns 100

Kirk always a big fan of the “Sweet Science.”

“`WITH BOXING GLOVES in every table centerpiece, and the Rocky Theme blaring, one of Hollywood’s real legends walked into the Sunset Room at the Beverly Hills Hotel to celebrate his 100th birthday at a gathering of friends and family. Kirk Douglas —->  made a real entrance. Images from his many cinematic credits, such as Spartacus, Lust for Life, Paths of Glory, and others played on a screen behind him.


“`Flanked by Anne, his wife of 62 years, son Michael, daughter-in-law Catherine Zeta-Jones, and his grandkids, Douglas peered out over a crowd of 150 folks, including his Rabbi, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Don Rickles, and other close pals… and smiled. His physician had  promised years ago, if he lived to be 100, Kirk would get to enjoy a glass of premium vodka.


“`Charley King’s Bluebell Events oversaw the afternoon tea, where each table was designated, not by numbers, but by Kirk Douglas’ films. The birthday boy was seated at the Lonely are the Brave table, his favorite role. Michael kicked off the proceedings, saying it isn’t about age, but about what he’s accomplished. Kirk kept his remarks brief, thanking everyone for coming, and marveling at seeing most of his family in the crowd. Zeta-Jones lit twelve candles on his cake, and led the room to sing Happy Birthday with a string quartet accompaniment.


“`Rickles lightened a reverent and respectful mood, quipping to the crowd from his seat that he wanted to go home. He poked fun at Kirk Douglas’ good looks and physique. Katzenberg reflected on the generosity of the Douglas family, who are famous for their charitable giving. Steven Spielberg arrived fashionably late, and on crutches, having recently broken his foot.


“`Kirk Douglas closed the festivities by offering a toast, and downing remnants of his vodka. Here’s to a life well lived!

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