This Day in Boxing is the place where you can see amazing video and photographs of legendary fighters and fights.

In addition to all-time greats like Johnson, Dempsey, Louis, Robinson, Marciano, Duran, and Ali, you’ll see unique stuff on a century of fighters who have entered the ring and have given their blood, sweat and tears.

We’ll post their most sensational moments in and out of the ring. Interviews and training bring all these fighters to life again. The moment the “sound” era began, pre-fight interviews of fighters like Louis and Ali were broadcast around the world.

Funniest and Weirdest will show you rare video and photos of boxing events that will have you laughing and shaking you head in dis-belief. Animals, kids, amateurs, even footage of pros flying out of the ring. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

The 80,000 photographs in the library contain many moments never captured on film.