Who were The Very Best Heavyweights?

Boxing expert Mike Lockley Picks His Legends From the Golden Past of Pugilism By Mike Lockley – Birmingham Daily Mail This week Birmingham Mail columnist Mike Lockley, former deputy editor of Boxing News, throws his hat into the ring and list the top ten in each division...

Katalin Rodriguez-Ogren of West Loop Boxing Gym – POW!

Breaks down tips for your boxing stance and basic straight punches. There are so many amazing aspects to a boxing workout. Most boxing workouts include a combination of shadow boxing, jump rope, footwork drills, mitt drills, medicine balls, heavy bag and body weight exercises....

Ivan Drago vs Clubber Lang for the Title

What’s your call on this boxing matchup of screen heavyweights?

Mike Tyson Breaks Finger on Set of Ip3

Donnie Chen and Mike a bit too close Mike Tyson: Donnie Yen fractured my finger! Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson recently flicked his left forefinger to the media and revealed that Hong Kong’s “Strongest Man in the Universe”, Donnie Yen had injured it while they...

This Day in Boxing June 9, 1984 Tyson Stops Milligan

Amateur sensation demonstrates big punching Cus D’amato watches from ringside as Tyson moves one step closer to Olympic gold.