Boxing in 3D ! – This Day in Boxing May 15, 1953 Marciano KOs Walcott

Get out your 3D glasses – Rocky Marciano KOs Jersey Joe Walcott and retains his heavyweight crown. This is the only fight in history that was filmed in 3D. Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USA W KO 1 15 time: 2:25 | referee: Frank Sikora World Heavyweight Title  

Ryan O’Neal – Being Inducted Into The WBC

Ryan O’Neal – a genuine boxing guy –– being inducted into the WBC Legends of Boxing Museum this weekend. Former manager of Hedgemon Lewis and longtime supporter of the “Sweet Science” to be honored. Ryan & Kevin O’Neal 1964 ABC PEYTON PLACE HOLLYWOOD Hedgemon...

Jose Napoles – One of The Greatest Welterweights in History

Gold on Golden. “Mantequilla” Nápoles presented with his WBC 6th Generation Belt World Boxing Council has designed the WBC 6th Generation belt and on it there’s a plaque of Don Jose Sulaiman and also of two of the greatest fighters of the 17 divisions. On the welterweight...

This Day in Boxing May 14, 1977 Leonard Beats Rodriguez

1976 Olympic Champion Sugar Ray Leonard beats Willie Rodriguez in Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, Maryland, USA W UD 6 6 referee: Terry Moore 30-23 | judge: Tom Kelly 30-23 | judge: Ray Klingmeyer 30-24